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Free trial version of Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is available. There the following limitations in the trial version:

In the Account info plugin, exporting account information is not allowed.

In the Calls plugin, only ten recent calls are displayed.

For iCloud photos, exporting the media files and copying file properties is not allowed.

For Windows Phone in the Locations plugin, exporting information on locations is not allowed.

In the Media plugin, exporting the media files and copying file properties is not allowed.

In the Messages plugin, only ten recent messages in each chat are displayed.

In the Notes plugin, only ten recent notes are displayed.

In the Notifications plugin, only ten recent notifications are displayed.

In the Wallet plugin, exporting information on passes is not allowed.

In the Web plugin, in the History category, only ten recent records are available.

In the Wi-Fi plugin, only ten recent connections are displayed.

Opening iOS device image is not available.


The Standard Edition of Elcomsoft Phone Viewer covers all limitations of the trial version except for opening iOS device images.

To be able to open and explore iOS device images, consider purchasing the Forensic Edition of Elcomsoft Phone Viewer.

To place an order online, go to Help - Purchase program:


Alternatively, you can purchase EPV by using the following order form:

Windows version:

OS X version:



Please note that there are some small processing charges for orders placed by fax, by check/money order or with back/wire transfer. European customers are also charged VAT. More information about all payment options is available at ordering page on ElcomSoft web site:

On payment approval (for online orders, usually within a few minutes), we'll send you the registration key which will remove all limitations of the unregistered version. To enter the registration key, go to Help - Enter registration code. Enter the key you received in the Enter registration code field, and click Done:



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