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Apart from the program that records just the main steps you perform in the program (and which is visible right from the program interface by clocking the top-left button on the tool bar), you can set the program to create the log file. By default, logging is disabled; you can set this option to Normal (in that case, log will contain just the basic information such as opening/closing the file, decryption started/completed etc) or Debug (so including more information, that may help us to locate and fix the problem in an unlucky case if occurs).


The log file is stored in %APPDATA%\Elcomsoft\Password Digger folder.


Ignore non-password data in XML output option allows to filter the items from the keychains that are not actually passwords. That includes encryption keys, certificates, authentication tokens, date/time stamps, and some other data such as UUIDs. Please note that this option affects XML output only; if you export to the text files, the data is always filtered there.

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