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1.4. System architecture

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ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery is a program complex that consists of 3 main modules: the agent, the server and the console, that can operate independently on different computers in the local or global Internet networks (Fig 1.4).



 Figure 1.4 System architecture.



The agent is used for its computer machine time allocation to the server, the latter using it to recover lost or forgotten passwords. The agent connects to its assigned server, delivers the work done (if it has had any), receives the next portion of work, disconnects and starts processing the given task. Periodically, on an average of 60 seconds plus some random amount of seconds, but not more than 60, each agent connects to the server in order to report its state.


The server receives its task from the console and distributes it among the agents.


The console in its turn is designed to manage the server it is connected to and the agents that are registered on the server. The agents are registered on the server when they connect to it for the first time.