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Simply select the file you want to recover the password(s) for. Press the Open file button, then select Wordperfect Office menu item and  browse for appropriate file (alternatively, you can use drag-and-drop: select the file in Windows Explorer, drag it to AWOPR window holding the left mouse button, and drop there). If the specified file format is not supported by AWOPR, or it's corrupted, or used by another application, or not password-protected – appropriate error message will be displayed. Otherwise, the program will recover and show the password.




For WordPerfect 5.x files, the password is always being recovered instantly, but only if doesn't contain non-US characters. If it does, it is not possible to recover the password at all, but AWOPR can decrypt (also instantly) the file, so you will be able to open it in WordPerfect without supplying the password. The program will prompt you for file name (to save the new/decrypted file).


For WordPerfect 6.x..13 files, two encryption/protection modes are supported: original and enhanced. For original mode, recovery process are divided into two stages: searching for encryption keys and searching for password. The first one usually takes just a few seconds or sometimes minutes, depending on the character set used. The following character sets are supported (as defined by WordPerefect itself): ASCII, Multinational, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew (AWOPR tries them consequently); when/if the appropriate encryption codes are found, the program starts searching for the password, and that (second) stage usually takes more time (up to 10-15 minutes). Sometimes, however, it is not possible to detect what particular character set has been used, and so get the password itself; so AWOPR allows to do about the same as for 5.x files, i.e. find the appropriate encryption key and so decrypt the whole file. Unfortunately, that takes much more time (a few hours maximum), but success is guaranteed. During that process, AWOPR saves its state on a regular basis, and so it is safe to press the Stop button or even close the program – next time when you open the same file, the program will prompt you to resume the recovery process.


For enhanced encryption mode (versions 6.x through X5/15), AWOPR can decrypt passwords of any length, containing any characters (from the character sets mentioned above) in any combination – in most cases, almost instantly. However, if the password is very long and contains symbols from different character sets, recovery process may take more time (but up to 10-15 minutes, as for original encryption mode).




In most cases, the password recovered by AWOPR is 8 characters long, and not the same as the original one set in Paradox. That's just to the nature of encryption algorithm used in Paradox, and we cannot do anything with that. However, the password returned by AWOPR will work just fine on your database, i.e. Paradox accepts it as an original one.


Another note: though most passwords are being recovered instantly, there are some ones that AWOPR needs a few seconds to get (up to 20-30 seconds on slow machines). Recovery time doesn't depend on the password length, though.




QuattroPro encryption is weak, and so the password is being recovered instantly regardless the length and QuattroPro version. Sometimes, however, the passwords contain non-printable characters – they are still being recovered by AWOPR, but cannot be entered from keyboard in QuattroPro. So AWOPR not only shows such passwords, but also allows to decrypt such files (so the password is being removed completely); this step is optional.


WordPerfect Lightning


To get the data associated with your WordPerfect Lightning account (Domain, User name and Password), press Open file button and select WordPerfect Lightning menu item. Then, browse for *.ini file which is located in your user profile at:


%Documents and Settings%\<user name>\Application Data\Corel\WordPerfect Lightning\


Please note that password can be recovered only if it is saved (i.e. if Remember my password option in WordPerfect Lightning was checked), and only when you are logged into the system under the same (Windows) user account your WordPerfect Lightning account was accessed from.

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