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Working with ASQLPR

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Microsoft SQL Server Engine uses strong encryption, and passwords cannot be recovered instantly. However, they can be changed or removed. Press Open file...and browse for master.mdf file. ASQLPR shows the list of users; highlight the one you want to change the password for, press Change password button, and enter new password for that user (empty one means that the password will be removed).


Important: MSSQL can use two different authentication modes (to be selected during setup): Windows Authentication mode and mixed mode. Windows Authentication mode enables Windows Authentication and disables SQL Server Authentication. Mixed mode enables both Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication. When using SQL Server Authentication, logins are created in SQL Server that are not based on Windows user accounts. Both the user name and the password are created by using SQL Server and stored in SQL Server. Users connecting using SQL Server Authentication must provide their credentials (login and password) every time that they connect. Please note that ASQLPR works only with databases that use mixed mode, i.e. SQL Server Authentication.


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