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When (if) the password is found, the program shows it, as well as the number of passwords which have been tested, and the program speed:




The last line displays the password in HEX form – it might be useful if the password, for example, contains some non-English characters which cannot be displayed correctly on your system (due to missing fonts, etc.).


Pressing the small button at the right of the password (in "normal" or HEX form) copy the password into the Clipboard. Alternatively, you can save the password to a file.


If all possible passwords in the given range have been tried without success (without finding a valid one), the message looks like:




If you stopped recovery by pressing the "Stop" button, the current step of the brute-force attack is saved in the "Start from" field. Now you can press the "Start" button again.  Recovery will be continued from this step.

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