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Password length


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This is one of the most important options affecting checking time. Usually, you can check all 4-character (and shorter) passwords in a few minutes; but for longer passwords, you have to have patience and/or some knowledge about the password (including the character set which has been used, or even better – the mask).


The minimum length cannot be set to a value greater than maximum length, of course.


If the minimum and maximum lengths are not the same, the program tries the shorter passwords first. For example, if you set minimum=3 and maximum=7, the program will start from 3-character passwords, then try 4-character ones and so on – up to 7. While ARCHPR is running, it shows the current password length, as well as the current password, average speed, elapsed and remaining time, and total and processed number of passwords (Program status).  All of this information except average speed and elapsed time, which are global, is related only to the current length.

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