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As noted above, Known-plaintext and Guaranteed WinZip attacks try to recover the encryption keys first. Once they're there, the archive could be decrypted so no password is needed at all. However, they also search for passwords (just in case) that are up to 10 characters long.


If you already have the encryption keys and would like to recover the [longer] password itself, select this attack from drop-down Type of attack box. The keys should be entered on Plain-text tab (if Plain-text attack just finished, they are already there), and other options such as character set (Range tab) and password length (Length tab) – as for Brute-force attack. The recommended minimum password length is 11 (as far as if you have got the keys with ARCHPR and not from any other source, shorter passwords have been already tried), the "practial" maximum value is 14-15, depending on the character set. End at value is not supported for this attack at all; as for Start from – you have to be careful. Actually, there is no need to recover first 6 characters of the password – they're calculated based on the "tail" of the password (7th char and up). So starting password should already start with 6 asterisks, and "meaningful" positions start with 7. The program starts to search for correct combinations from the end; for example, for 11-character passwords containing small letters, the order is:











Please take that in mind when selecting the starting password manually.

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