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Priority: background or high. If you want to start APDFPR as a "background" process, which will work only when the CPU is in an idle state, you may select "Background". If you want to increase performance, select "High", but be aware that this will decrease the performance of *all other* applications running on your computer.


Minimize to tray: if this option is enabled, the program window will disappear from the Windows desktop when you press the "minimize" button in the top-right corner of the window (or you select an appropriate item in the system menu).  The small icon will be created in the "tray" area of the task bar (near the system clock). Just double-click on that icon to restore the window.


Log to apdfpr.log: when enabled, the program saves all information displayed in the status window into the log-file (apdfprp.log).


Progress bar update interval: allows to set an interval (in milliseconds) between progress bar and status window updates; the default is 500 (a reasonable value). By selecting the higher value (3000, for example), you can get slightly better recovery speed.


Start attack on file select:when this option is enabled (default), the program analyses the file immediately when you open it, and advises what to do next.


Language: the program has multi-language interface. Just select the appropriate language from the drop-down box. English is the default.

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