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Microsoft® Money 2002+ Password to Open

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This Password can be set selecting the "File | Password Manager" menu item in Microsoft® Money 2002 and later. When you set this Password, the Money Database is encrypted using the RC4 Encryption Algorithm. Only Password Hash is stored in the Database to verify the Password. Therefore this Password cannot be recovered instantly.


AOPR can recover a lost Password using the Brute-Force and Dictionary Attacks. For the Brute-Force Attack, you have to set up the password length and password range (which, by the way, can include national symbols). In Money 2002-2005 all password symbols are capitalized (for example "Aaaa" and "AAAA" are the same Passwords). Therefore the Password Range cannot contain the small latin characters and the "a - z" Charset Option is disabled. In Money 2006, when using the MS Passport logon, a password can contain any characters.


Money 2003 and later can use Microsoft® Passport authentication to open a Database. In this case a Password for MS Passport Logon is a Database Password. Money 2003 allows to store MS Passport Passwords locally. These Passwords can be recovered in AOPR.


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