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Outlook® Password Storage Types

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 Typically, Microsoft® Outlook® stores all passwords in the Protected Storage subsystem. All passwords are stored in system Registry in encrypted form. However, some old versions can store account passwords in a plain (unencrypted) form, or encrypted with weak algorithm (logical XOR operation). In some cases, AOPR can show wrong passwords, for example if your system Registry is damaged, or you do not have enough rights (permissions) to Access® some keys in Registry, or Protected Storage subsystem is not installed on your computer. Displaying of Password Storage Types will help you to identify why some passwords are displayed incorrectly. Here is a brief description of Password Storage Types:


PS - Password is successfully retrieved and stored in Protected Storage.
O3 -Password is stored in System Registry by Outlook® 2003
OL -Password is successfully retrieved and stored in system Registry using "old-style" weak encryption algorithm.
NP -Password was not found in Protected Storage, in some cases it indicates that user name is used as password, or Protected Storage subsystem is damaged.
UN -Unknown Password Storage Type. You may use version of Outlook® that is not supported by AOPR, or your system Registry is damaged.
ER -Error in password retrieving.
NR -Password was not retrieved. You do not have enough rights to unlock the Protected Storage, or Protected Storage is not installed on your machine.
NO -Password for this account is absent.


 If the Storage Type is "UN", "ER" or "NR", please send your Debug Log to ElcomSoft Technical Support.

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