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There are three editions of AOPB: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Standard Edition uses only one CPU or core at a time; besides, only one instance of the program can be started. Professional Edition can also work on systems with 2 or 4 CPUs or cores, using both processors (so recovery speed will be almost two times better). Enterprise Edition uses as much CPUs as installed (up to 32, according to limitation of Windows operating system), and uses uses rainbow attack subsystem. AOPB Enterprise is shipped with a DVD that contains special pre-computed hash tables that will allow you to decrypt all Word (and most Excel) documents in just minutes instead of days, even on slow computers.


Please note that for Standard Edition, the Licensee may operate the Product as set in the License Agreement for non-commercial purposes in a non-business or non-commercial environment only (personal license). Use of the Product in a corporate, governmental or business environment requires the purchase of the Professional or Enterprise Edition (business license).


You can place an order online using the following order form:


Please note that there are some small processing charges for orders placed by fax, by check/money order or with back/wire transfer. European customers are also charged VAT. The prices listed above are valid for orders placed in US dollars only.


More information about all payment options is available at ordering page on ElcomSoft web site:


On payment approval (for online orders, usually within a few minutes), we'll send you the registration key which will remove all limitations of the unregistered version.