Files/passwords that are not supported

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AOPB does not work with Word® and Excel® file if:


The file does not use File open protection at all, but only File modify protection, or document/workbook protection, or VBA password.

The file has been created in Office 95 (or older)

The file has been created in Office XP/2003, but uses any encryption other than Office 97/2000 Compatible one.

The file has been created in Office 2007

The file has been created on a machine with user's locale setting in Regional Settings in Control Panel is set to French (Standard). This is just because strong encryption such as RC4 is banned in France, and Office 97/2000/XP can use only old/weak encryption there.


Instead of AOPB, you should use Advanced Office Password Recovery (that supports all the types listed above, but doesn't provide 100% recovery rate for File open protection on brute-force and dictionary attacks) instead. AOPB works only with Word®/Excel® 97/2000 (and Word®/Excel® XP/2003 if default, Office 97/2000 Compatible Encryption is used) files, encrypted with password for opening.