ElcomSoft System Recovery

ElcomSoft System Recovery

Boot-disk application that makes it easy to access your computer's Windows password settings. If you're locked out of your computer, ESR will give you access and let you troubleshoot problems that are preventing you from running Windows. With it, it's simple to reset and change the passwords of any of these local accounts, detect accounts with empty passwords, and assign Administrator privileges to any user account. It's easy to enable or unlock accounts that have been disabled or locked.

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Basic edition only allows to reset password to built-in (local) Administrator, and enable/unlock the Administrator's account if it is locked or disabled. Works for Windows Vista and Windows workstations, but not Windows Servers.
Standard edition has all the features of Basic edition, but also allows to create a bootable UFD (USB Flash Drive), supports both workstation and server operating systems, and works with all local user accounts (not only Administrator's one), allowing to give Administrator's rights to regular user account as well as reset the password to any one.
Based on standard edition, this version also works with Active Directory, allowing to reset password to any AD account, including Domain Administrator's one. Besides, it is able to look up account privileges, instantly recover passwords to some special/system accounts (like IUSR_, HelpAssistant etc), test short and simple passwords with fast built-in pre-configured attacks, shows password history hashes, includes SAM database editor and much more.

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